Build The Future Now_LRThe new digital companies that have become household brands in just the last decade have tapped into some core values of the digital age. Learn how every company can – and must – do the same in order to be successful in the future.

The companies that are shaping the digital world in which we now live are growing at unprecedented rates and have an extraordinary influence on our lives and work. Apple, Samsung, Google, Facebook, Uber, PayPal, Airbnb, Amazon, Netflix and many others are integrating themselves into our lives, and at the same time changing our expectations of how the world around us should work.

To be successful and get ahead of your competitors, you need to integrate these new expectations into your customer – and staff – experiences. This is not just about finding ways to disrupt your industry, as these companies have all done, but rather focusing on what we can learn from the way these digital world companies have connected with the values of this new era. These include such key factors as personalisation, ease of use, constant upgrading, automation, gamification and social sharing.

Participants will leave the session with a better understanding of the forces that are shaping the world we live in, a checklist of the factors that will make their business successful and a clear framework for evaluating and changing what they do to be successful in a digital, omnichannel world. It goes well beyond the now-commonplace conference question of “what will be the Uber of your industry” and looks at the underlying driving causes of success and failure of companies in the digital world we now live in.

This session will provide a framework for you and your team to analyse your customer experience, your staff experience and your strategy, to ensure it matches the emerging DNA of the digital age. You’ll leave with a deeper understanding of what it will take to be successful, with carefully chosen examples and case studies to motivate you, and a clear picture of what you can do to contribute to this. Insightful, eye-opening and laced with humour, this session will forever change the way you and your team see the future.

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