This month’s podcast looks at the latest Pokemon craze and specifically addresses why technology like augmented reality and virtual reality is going to change our world as we know it. (And no, it’s not because everyone is now out looking for Pokemons! There are of course big business implications!).

Feel free to listen below, or search for our channel or episode in iTunes (TomorrowTrends). And if you’re not 100% sure how podcasts work (we won’t judge, one or two of us in our team might not have caught a Pokemon yet!) then this ‘how to’ article here will walk you through all you need to know to set yourself up to listen to podcasts while driving, at the gym, making supper, or even at work!

Ep 5


The most important advances in technology happening right now are the arrival of virtual and augmented reality apps. The new game from Nintendo, Pokemon Go, has brought augmented reality into our every day world in just a few, mad cap days. But look beyond the fad, and you’ll find a technology that is going to change the world and impact every aspect of our lives. It therefore deserves your team’s attention.

This month’s Tomorrow Trends podcast shines a spotlight on VR and AR, and can be used to spark strategic conversations about them with your team.

We also review the book, “The Dirty Game” about the scandal at FIFA and implications for leadership.

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