The Issue

We need to redefine talent and high-performance for our modern world of work.

30 years ago the most important people in our organisations were defined by the amount and type of information they were custodians of. Information was power, and those with the power and influence held onto it tightly.

Today, in our post-information age world of internet activity and full-time connection, information has become so democratised that it effectively no longer has any power. 30 years ago high-performing talent controlled information. Today high-performing talent distributes it.

How do we start?

Firstly, we need to strip age from the equation. In too many human capital discussions Talent has begun to be used as a synonym for youth. Talent and high-performance is not age dependant. High-performing individuals constantly adapt to changing social dynamics and remain relevant – regardless of age.

Secondly, accept that Talent and High-perfomance are measured by one criteria, and one criteria only…. do they deliver? Is that delivery done in a way that is future-fit and positions the business, or team, for ongoing relevance into the future?

People who deliver in a way that fits the past are redundant.
Those who are only relevant for today are merely acceptable.
Talent considers the past, is relevant to the present, and builds for the future.


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