TomorrowTrends Podcast ep 4

The Future-Fit Organisation
Graeme Codrington and Keith Coats discuss the difference between strategy and culture, and why culture is way more important for leaders to focus on if they want to ensure their organisations keep pace with the changing world they operate in. They talk about The Circle of Courage, a model that has been taken from Native American culture and now applied to modern organisations, as a framework to help leaders build future-fit organisations, support the development of high-performing people and grow healthy communities.

Three Unusual Book Reviews

Ray de Villiers talks about science fiction books, and why he reads them. He reviews his latest read, “The Red Queen” by Jeb Kinnison.
Keith Coats looks at a leadership book, “Leadership and Self-Deception” by The Arbinger Institute. This book is a story – a novel – about leadership in a corporate world.
And then compares it to “The Broken Boss” by Aiden Choles, another leadership fable, with deep insights and conversation starting potential.

 Why we battle with change – a lesson from QWERTY keyboards

Why don’t we change? Why do we battle with change? Graeme Codrington looks at the keyboard on your phone and the strange layout of the letters to provide some clues about why we and our organisations struggle to change, and shares insights into how we can learn to deal with disruption.

Links and Resources from this podcast

The Broken Boss by Aiden Choles

Leadership and Self-Deception by The Arbinger Institute

The Red Queen by Jeb Kinnison.


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