When it comes to senior leadership or executive interventions an often-asked question is, ‘why do we need outside service providers?’

It is a valid question.

In many instances the answer is, ‘you don’t’. However, there are situations where paying that extra fee for an outside perspective and help is perhaps the best spend in the budget. When it comes to ‘looking out the window’ – or strategic interventions, outside perspective can make all the difference. In every industry and business the impact of ‘four wall thinking’ – the inability to see beyond the immediately obvious and apparent, is a condition that is as inevitable as it is unavoidable. The internal focus on operational efficiencies and practices, combined with the traditional metrics can over time, prove arthritic to the need to be agile, nimble and proactive within the ever-changing business landscape. Outside perspective is vital in grasping the bigger global context and helping identify future landscapes – and within that, both the threats and opportunities embedded in that terrain. Identifying and asking the right questions is essential and all too often, within the specific culture and context of an organisation, the ‘right questions’ are not always asked.

Puzzle pieceGood outside perspective will help point you where to look without telling you what to see. The translation of that perspective (and sometimes disruption) that valid outside perspective affords, is your work. Many clients look to delegate this responsibility to those assisting in the process and many (service providers) willingly accept this responsibility but it doesn’t usually end well. Ensuring that you have leaders capable of leading your company into the future is an internal responsibility – one that has to be owned from the very top if it is to be sustainable and effective. Building a culture of leadership and learning is the responsibility of senior leaders – getting propulsion in doing this effectively is where the right ‘outside’ help is invaluable.

TomorrowToday has an extensive global footprint. We are a small, nimble group who have the privilege of working across multiple industries and geographies. Prominent Business Schools and clients alike have trusted us to assist and partner them in the strategic process of developing ‘futurefit’ leaders. It is a challenge, privilege and opportunity we relish. Our experience in this essential task and exposure to multiple programmes designed to do this, affords us a somewhat unique insight to what it takes to ensure both a personal and corporate readiness for the future. Learning what it takes to lead in a changing world is our focus and sweet spot.

In doing this work TomorrowToday has partnered multiple blue-chip companies and several leading business schools and institutions. This global perspective means we are constant learners in the context that Futurists describe as ‘VUCA’– a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Understanding this (context) is key to understanding the future leadership demands and challenges as leadership is always context specific. That contextual understanding starts with the global perspective before narrowing to exploring and engaging what this means for one’s region, industry, business, team and person.

So, why would you want an outside service provider to assist in the development of your leaders?

Well, in this most important of tasks (being futurefit), getting the right partner who works hard to understand your context, knows the importance of building a trusting relationship, and brings key thinking and perspective to your process, the real question is really, ‘why wouldn’t you?’

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