Challenge the Impossible

Today’s competitive rules are different from previous periods. Strategies that focus on reducing costs and building efficiencies will be less effective than those which are based on offering products and services in more innovative ways.

Established companies are being put under extreme pressure by emerging disruptors and innovators from other industries and countries.

“In a world of disruptive change embarking on quests that improve¬†your world needs to be part of your strategic DNA. This is not a time to be creatively conservative. Because firstly, the rewards are massive when you are at the forefront of creating a new commercial paradigm. Secondly, if you do not you will be at risk of being disrupted by someone else who figured out how to make the impossible, possible” says Dean van Leeuwen, the author of Quest: Competitive Advantage and the Art of Leadership in the 21st Century.¬†

In this video Dean talks about one of the most important qualities of a quest; The Power of the (im)possible.

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