Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 18.05.15Keith Yamashita, a consultant who has worked with greats like Steve Jobs and Starbuck’s CEO Howard Schultz, says they figured out the one key thing every “ great leader knows. “First, you must have the belief that what we are doing will make a difference in the world.” Great leaders such as Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Elizabeth Holmes are the superstar questers of our age and their quests have garnered significant competitive advantage.

An important and emerging leadership trend is that there is now a growing band of future focused organisations and leaders who are unleashing the power of quest by identifying where they can deliver meaningful benefits and do well by doing good. This powerful force is leading to competitive advantage, enhanced profits and positions of leadership with unprecedented speed. You too can benefit from the Power of Quest because TomorrowToday has created a unique framework for framing your quest, be it personal, departmental or organisational. Here are seven benefits of building a questing culture in your organisation

  1. More individual and team productivity
  2. More fulfillment and purpose
  3. More employee and customer engagement
  4. More empowered teams
  5. More disruptive innovation
  6. More competitiveness
  7. A better working world

Research shows that up to 70% of employees would rather work for organisations that deliver meaningful benefits to the world, than take a pay rise. This is driven by a generation known as Gen Y, for whom being a quester is second nature. The organisations that understand this will capture the lion’s share of future talent and valuable customers.

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