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In this episode, Keith Coats, co-founder of TomorrowToday Global and international leadership development expert reviews one of his best reads of 2015, “Uncommon Sense: Common Nonsense”. A great title, and an even better book that calls nonsense on some of the “received wisdom” we use in our businesses every day.  

Raymond de Villiers chats to Graeme about Holacracy: a new model for organisational design, that tries to replace the old hierarchies with something more dynamic. Keith then shares four questions for leaders to ask themselves – questions taken from an ancient wisdom tradition, but totally applicable to the new and emerging world.

Finally, we dip back into our blog archives, looking for the best entries and for those that have received the most views. In this edition, Graeme looks at Living in Disruptive Times. TomorrowTrends podcast brings you insights into the future of work.

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Uncommon Sense, Common Nonsense: Why some organisations consistently outperform others.

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