Boomers have been very successful, but the problem now is a new workforce starts to emerge into the workplace and the rules and regulations and the methodologies that have been so successful in the past are not working as well as they used to.

Boomers  define teamwork as being aligned and all wearing the same team coloured t-shirts – thinking the same, believing the same – that constituted a good team. Today’s generation describes a good team is a diverse team, a team that doesn’t look the same, that doesn’t think the same and that doesn’t behave the same. To the average boomer, that’s not a team that’s a riot!

The challenge for boomers is to challenge their own assumptions. It’s not easy. But if you are to survive the future and fully engage the next generation (be they inside your business or your customer base) the need to challenge the assumptions that got us here is paramount as the wisdom that got us to where we are today is not going to be the wisdom that takes us to where we need to be.

It’s not easy work, and it’s not simple work but if you do want to succeed into the future it’s work that is quite simply unavoidable.

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