Integrating psychology and the Enneagram framework to understand personality profiles in order to bring out the best in individuals in a personal and professional context.

Using the keynote presentation as a launching platform the work Tamryn does with the Enneagram starts at a dynamic team level which explores the ways in which individual personalities contribute and complicate the teams in which they work; and then further expands to working closely with each individual team member in one-on-one personal coaching sessions.

The individual sessions have been helpful for addressing underperformance by team members, helping individuals communicate and operate more effectively with others, enhance leadership styles, and help team leaders make sense of conflictual or strained team dynamics they confront on a daily basis.


Meeting Julia Gillard – former PM of Australia

With her Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology, her Masters Degree in Research by Dissertation, being an Accredited Enneagram Practitioner and a  Psychology lecturer, Tamryn helps clients by developing insight into their teams and those they work with.

You know what works and what doesn’t – but insight through the enneagram teaches you the ‘why’ behind the success and failures. Knowing the ‘why’ allows for better judgement, more accurate and intelligent decision making, and enables you to build effective teams through personalised character development and employment selection.

Leadership and Performance Predictive Assessments:

All the below assessments are conducted through a secure online portal. Assessment results and feedback is conducted personally or electronically through an online session. All the assessments can be conducted with specific individuals or whole teams to gain better insight into their development and talent areas.

Emotional Social Competence Inventory (ESCI)

This assessment measures the individual/ teams emotional and social competence in 4 domains and 12 competencies:

Self-awareness – emotional self-awareness

Social awareness – empathy; organizational awareness

Self-management – effectively managing own emotions; achievement orientation; adaptability; emotional self-control; positive outlook

Relationship management – conflict management; influence; inspirational leadership; coach and mentorship; teamwork

The ESCI is a 360-degree feedback assessment tool which invites line managers, direct reports, peers, client/customer and self-rated measurement.

Why you need this assessment:

  • If you want to measure a candidate’s emotional intelligence
  • If you want to measure a candidates leadership competence
  • If you want to measure shifts in performance and awareness before and after an intervention eg. as a baseline and a re-test after a leadership development program
  • If you want insight into key development areas
  • To gain insight into why employees may be under-performing

WAVE – Professional Styles Assessment
*Executive and Senior management competency assessment

This assessment measures the individual/ team professional competence based on personality traits; motives; talents; competency potential and preferred culture. This assessment can be used in talent recruitment; evaluation for promotion; talent profiling and organizational cultural ‘fit’.

Measures the candidate / team across 4 domains; 12 competencies through a self report questionnaire:

Thought – Evaluation ability; Investigative ability; Imaginative ability
(How the candidate / team members develop; analyze; make sense of ideas; both creative and strategic)

Adaptability – Social skills; Impact capacity; Assertiveness
(How the candidate/ team members manage their emotions and behaviors in contexts of change)
(How the candidate/ team members communicate, work with others, establish and sustain relationships, lead effectively)

Influence – Conscientiousness; Structured; Driven
(How the candidate/ team members communicate, work with others, establish and sustain relationships, lead effectively)

Delivery – Resilience; Flexibility; Supportiveness
(How the candidate/ team members are able to deliver actionable outcomes)

Why you need this assessment:

  • If you want to assess an applicant for job suitability
  • If you want to assess a candidate for cultural fit
  • If you want to assess for talent and potential
  • If you want to assess a candidate for a promotion this tool is used in conjunction with existing organizational core competencies
  • If you want to design a well suited and niche team for a specific task
  • If you want insight into a teams suitability and effectiveness
  • If you want to assess for key development areas
  • To gain insight into why employees may be under-performing

Personality Profiling through Workshops and/ or Assessments

Enneagram Personality Assessment and Workshop

A fun, interactive half/full day workshop that unpacks personality profiles. This can be done through an assessment only if preferred – through a 1 on 1 assessment and feedback process. The Enneagram explores 9 core personality styles. This workshop / assessment allows for deeper levels of self or team awareness in the pursuit of better emotional and social intelligence.

The Enneagram reports on:
Core personality traits- that inform motivation, thinking style, decision making, relating to others, emotional triggers, strengths and weaknesses

Core personality behaviours – both positive and negative

Self-awareness – insight into levels of self-awareness; behavioural responses to stressful vs growth environments

Communication Style – relating and engagement with others; interpersonal styles; Preferred style of giving / receiving feedback

Leadership Style – likely leadership style based on core personality traits
Predicted responses to stress / wellness

Strain Profile – levels of current functioning in specific areas of vocation; physical ability; happiness; environment; psychological well being

Why you need this assessment:

  • To gain a deeper understanding of your personality
  • To understand the ‘personality’ of the team
  • If you looking for a staff team build session that is interesting and informative with great insight for leaders on how to better bring out the best in their team members
  • To gain insight into why you don’t get along with certain people and work well with others
  • To develop your emotional Intelligence through self-awareness
  • To develop more comprehensive team insight and collaboration between members
  • To understand your won blindspots more effectively
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