[Transcript] Some older generations often complain that the digital natives don’t follow the rules. There  is a viral video doing the rounds on the Internet of an exam invigilator who has called time on the exam. A young man walks up too late and the invigilator comments ‘I’m sorry – your times up and you have failed.’ The young man turns to the invigilator and asks ‘Do You Know Who I am?’ The invigilator answers ‘I haven’t a clue and I don’t care’. The young man says ‘excellent!’ and lifts up the pile of papers and randomly puts his test exam paper in the middle, pushes it down and walks out the room.

Digital Natives don’t live life by the rules – they live life by the logic behind the rules. It’s the   way they engage with customers, with suppliers, with peers and with managers. To get the best out of them – that’s where you need to go to!

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