1Questers look at the world differently. They examine markets and rather than think how can I create a better product, app or service; they look at complete systems, and identify what is broken. This is a subtle but important difference. Using first-principle thinking they ask: “How can I fix a broken world?” When Google began experimenting with self-drive cars, they were not thinking how do we build a better car, but rather how do we end road fatalities.

Questers put fixing the world first, far ahead of making a profit. Naturally Profit is important, it’s just that questers recognise that profit is the outcome of making their world a better place. Profit and shareholder return is the result. The goal for quester leaders is to fix their world, the world they influence. And, the results speak for themselves, our studies show that questers and quester organisations are doing exceedingly well financially.

Do not mistake questers as charitable goody two shoes. Questers are hard-nosed capitalists and their results show this. Companies like Tesla, Facebook, Theranos and Google are some of the most valuable companies in the world. And, they have achieved meteoric results because they are on quests to change and improve the world they influence. So this is exactly where you need to begin when defining your own quest: What is your world of influence? What is broken? And, how can you fix it in a way that delivers meaningful benefits to those who matter the most?


TomorrowToday has devised a 100-day-programme to get you on the road to becoming a successful  quester leader and organisation. The programme is flexible and can be tailored to meet your unique requirements. Below is the process that is typically followed: 

100-day-plan-questEqually, Quest can be introduced to your team as as a taster session using an inspirational keynote presentation and a one or two day workshop.

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