CUgmgxvUwAA_FFcTomorrowToday Global’s founding partner and Chief Exploration Officer: Dean van Leeuwen, had the privilege of being invited to talk at TEDxUNic at the end of 2015 on the topic: The Future is… Dean chose to speak on the power of the leaders’ quest taking ideas and concepts from his latest book: Quest: Competitive Advantage and the Art of Leadership in the 21st CenturyDean inspired an audience of nearly 600 with this new presentation. Dean says this about Quest:

“We are increasingly living in a world where questers are achieving extraordinary results. Questers are leaders who are driven to make a difference in the world. But do not confuse questers for philanthropists or goody two-shoes charity workers. Questers are hard-nosed capitalists who are results driven and obsessively focused on the bottom line. It’s just their focus is not only on making profit; questers want to deliver meaningful benefits first and foremost. Making money is secondary and the outcome of a job well done.

The exciting reality is today anyone, anywhere, can do their big bit or small bit to change their world. Because of unprecedented access to technology, the power of social media and the democratisation of information we are seeing questers disrupt markets and rise to positions of dominance with unprecedented speed. This is indeed a very exciting leadership framework and mobile and disruptive technology means that today anyone can be a quester changing the world for the better.”

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About Quest

Quest is an exciting, unique leadership framework and research reveals how since the dawning of civilisation leaders on quests have changed the world. Quests are the force propelling humankind to higher and higher levels. The quest framework explains why leaders like Elon Musk – Tesla, Elizabeth Holmes – Theranos, Brian Chesky – Airbnb, Larry Page – Google etc. have emerged within very short periods of time to disrupt and dominate their industry. 

The framework offers an inspirational compass for building meaningful benefits and competitive advantage in any organisation.  Quests have proven to be immensely powerful forces for innovation and change, and the book uses inspirational stories to show how companies and leaders who use the power of quest to improve their culture, customer connections and the world they live in, are emerging as industry leaders with unprecedented speed. 

“The more I researched quests,” said Dean, “the more I have become enamoured by this unique framework and I’ve already begun researching two follow on books “MegaQuests of the 21st Century” and “How to raise a little quester: A guide to parenting and creating the leaders of the 21st century” 

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