shutterstock_197353553 copyFuture-Fit Leadership clarifies the changing context for leaders and explores the problem of ‘what to do next’ in order to be an effective and successful ‘future-fit’ leader in tomorrow’s world.

The workshop defines what leaders need to know, do, and be in order to lead confidently and effectively into an uncertain and adaptive future. TomorrowToday believes that leadership is always context specific and so this is an important foundation from which to have a further and deeper conversation.

We address the concern of whether you and your teams are doing the ‘right things’ or ‘doing enough’ to ensure that your leaders are capable of leading in what futurists have described as a ‘VUCA’ world – one that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

We explore what is changing, why it is changing and the consequences of what this change is to our business. Attendees of the workshop will leave with a clear plan as to what leaders need to do in order to navigate the future.

The Workshop details the following 4 critical leadership competencies to help ensure that leaders are ‘future-fit’.

  1. Understanding how our ‘seeing’ impacts on our interpretation and judgements
  2. Understanding the importance of frameworks in a world of paradox
  3. Understanding the importance and ‘rules’ around connectivity in a connected world
  4. Understanding the need for adaptability and agility

This workshop in built on tested, world-class input (theory) as well as powerful experiential learning and participative exercises.

The exercises are tailored to suit the needs and objectives of the day and are customized to address the specific context of the participants business / industry.

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