quest book image1What if, through the power of quest – Knowing your destination; inspired by the possibility of achieving the impossible; and, in doing so delivering meaningful benefits; we could empower people everywhere to have the courage and conviction to do their small bit or big bit to change the world?
Imagine if you, your team, your organisation or your community embraced a culture of questing. Now imagine if we could create a questing culture everywhere. What if, through the power of quest we created a culture where people believed they could make a difference? We would craft more wholesome and inspiring jobs, truly ethical businesses, value-enhancing business models, healthier economies and more opportunities to contribute well-being in the world.
That’s the power of quest.
This week two exciting milestones.

  1. Dean van Leeuwen has been invited to speak at TEDx on the topic: The Future Is Full Of Quest
  2. Dean’s book Quest: Competitive Advantage and the Art of Leadership in the 21st Century has been launched and is available now on Amazon

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Discover how to gain competitive advantage and learn the art of leadership in the 21st Century by securing a copy of  Dean van Leeuwen’s new book QUEST.

Available from Amazon on the 21 November 2015, QUEST explores the art of leadership and competitive advantage during the greatest revolutionary period since the start of the industrial revolution. 

 If you would like to pre-register your interest in obtaining a copy ofQUEST please email: [email protected]

If you would like to book Dean to speak at an event please email: Jude.


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