Gap years are traditionally those brief periods of parental indulgence when we allow post-school adolescents to take a breather before we expect them to enter young-adulthood.
With working life now lasting so much longer gap years are going to start coming up during later life too. A gap to work through the Quarter-life crisis. A gap when my children are born. A gap to further my education. A mid-career retirement gap that I’ll return from and carry on working again…


Begin to think about top talent who leave your business as going away for a gap period, rather than resigning forever. With this shift in perception think through how you could manage the exit process differently. If you view them not being in your organisation as just a gap away and anticipate that they will come back, how will you engage with them while they are outside of the organisation? What about creating alumni groups for past employees as a way of keeping them engaged with your business, and a platform to pull them back when they, and you, are ready.

Watch Ray in the video below for some information on the Quarter-life crisis.

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