One of my favourite people in the world is Hans Rosling. He has a fantastic way of making statistics come alive, and is on a global mission to help us get right data about the world we live in. He is the founder of the extraordinary GapMinder software (still available for free), and his YouTube and TED videos are amongst the most watched of all time.
In this video, he and his son, Ola, help dispel some myths about the world, and then give us some practical how to guidelines to help us make sure we’re not ignorant of the world around us. It’s all done with a smile and good humour, but is vitally important information. Here then is 19 minutes that will change your life.
Play along with the first few minutes, and try and answer the questions and see how you do; then watch along to see some of the tips provided to help you develop a fact based worldview:


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