markus kramer
Markus Kramer specialises in helping brands and businesses grow stronger. He advises Boards, Executives and Operational Teams as well as Private Equity and Growth Funds on all aspects of strategic growth, brand management, marketing, communication and retail development.
Markus is also an associate of TomorrowToday where he speaks on what businesses can learn from luxury as well as the trends that shape the future worlds and disciplines of Brand & Marketing in the years to come.
In his most recent undertakings Markus helped Aston Martin (Global Marketing Director) and Harley-Davidson (Marketing Director EMEA) build, scale and deliver their fascinating brands to more people in more places around the world. Other work includes many years of brand-, marketing- and retail development at numerous other marques, including private equity backed luxury mobile phone maker VERTU (Chief Marketing Officer), covering the entire spectrum from mass to premium to luxury; and vertically from insights to strategy to execution and measurement.
A passionate business and brand builder, Markus is also a recognized thought leader in the fast paced world of cutting edge marketing and an expert both within the automotive and luxury goods industry. Markus is a sought after speaker and engages in select conferences and lecturing assignments at leading business schools.
Markus is Swiss at heart and holds degrees in International Project Management from the University of California in Berkeley (USA) and an MBA from the SAID Business School at the University of Oxford (UK). Markus sits on the European Board of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and is a member of the steering committee of UK’s CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) Marketing Confidence Index.
Markus lives with his wife and three young children on the shores of lake Zurich.

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