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Do you bring out the best in others as a leader?  ‘Invitational Leadership’ is a leadership model perfect for the turbulent times we live in. It assumes there is a best in everyone, and that everyone has a valid contribution to make. As a leader – are you creating an environment that invites the best out of everyone? Are you engaging with the Digital Natives in your workplace by understanding the VUCA world they grew up in. Do you consider their voice in the workplace as much as parents considered their voices growing up!
Speaking of the voice of Digital Natives… have you considered that YouTube could be the new lemonade stand? That’s right… kids, yes, kids, are making good money from YouTube… So if an 8 and 5 year old earning over $100 000 a month sounds crazy to you, perhaps you need to listen a little further. Not just because it’s fascinating, but more importantly, to consider the impact this has on your businesses and as parents, the career choices your kids are making.
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More on this episode

1. Invitational Leadership by Keith Coats

Content: A brief overview of the Invitational Leadership framework and the four behaviours required to be an invitational leader
Take-out value for listener: A building block in developing a sound leadership platform (philosophy) that will inform your leadership practice. An easy to understand leadership framework with some practical advise on how best to practice invitational leadership.

2. Digital Natives and the VUCA World by Raymond de Villiers

Content: We look at the VUCA World that the Digital Natives grew up in
Take-out value for listeners: Understanding what growing up in a VUCA world meant for the Digital Natives and what this means for engaging with them in the workplace. Understand how to better engage, and therefor get more out of with this younger generation in the workplace.

3. The New Lemonade Stand by Graeme Codrington

Content: Key issues that todays young people are facing to prepare them for the future.
Take-out value for listeners: The landscape of careers that are open to today’s children are very different to what previous generations had. Something to think about that perhaps you haven’t dared to consider yet.

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