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Source: The Economist

“The best way to fight the enemy within is to treat your employees with respect. And this third principle is where many firms fail “says Schumpeter, The Economist’s columnist and expert on all things disruptive.
At the beginning of 2015 we launched The Enemy Within one of our latest organisational and leadership development frameworks. Research by our Strategic Insights Unit revealed that what is often holding organisations back from greater success is their DNA. Increasingly the experience of leaders is they battle to shift their organisations and teams to face the realities of change in their industries and markets. They know that they need to change. Most leaders also know ‘what they need to change’  – they have new strategies and updated metrics for their teams. And yet, in spite of all this, the ability to change seems beyond them.
The Economist uses HSBC as an example of an enemy within: “On July 6th HSBC fired a group of employees when it emerged that they had filmed themselves engaged in an “ISIS-style mock beheading” of an Asian colleague dressed in an orange jumpsuit” and focuses primarily on “the fraudster” as the chief enemy within. It is true, rogue employees are a problem and they need to be rooted out, but there are often bigger enemies within, and they are not always people. Our research has identified 9 key areas where enemies can lurk ready to terrorise and disrupt your organisation and we’ve built an online enemy within DNA profile tool to help you identify where the enemies in your organisation exist.  We also have a 100-day plan to assist you in sending in a special forces team to eliminate these enemies. And if you’d like to read the white paper we have that too, but save yourself the time and contact one of our team we will help you identify and eliminate The Enemy Within.
Here are some tools that can assist you

  1. The Enemy Within DNA Profile Tool
  2. 100-Day Plan
  3. The Enemy Within White Paper

Speak to one of our team now to learn how we can help you eliminate your enemies within.

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