Too many organisations believe their biggest threats come from outside but actually the most pressing issues faced right now are internal. Many organisations have out-dated DNA and are not ‘future fit’ or ready for the rapidly changing world. Discover if your current organisational DNA supports your chance of future success by completing a 3-minute questionnaire and explore what improvements can be made with our 100-day plan.
Identifying and understanding ‘The Enemies Within’ offers both strategic and practical insights into what needs to be guarded and what needs to be changed if you are to thrive in the future. ‘The Enemy Within’ helps you understand and meet these new challenges by offering both strategic and practical insights into what needs to be guarded and what needs to be changed if we are to thrive in the future.
TomorrowTodayGlobal’s research, spanning almost every industry across more than 50 countries, has identified four organisational DNA profiles:

The Legendary Organisational DNA

This organisation is highly evolved with very few enemies to be found within. The primary danger is becoming a victim of its own success. Leaders of this organisation should keep a vigilant eye for enemies arising in purpose, development of people and motivators.

The Performance Organisational DNA

These organisations often outperforming rivals on key indicators. However, enemies exist preventing it from becoming legendary and there is huge potential to make evolutionary power-ups by eliminating enemies within the areas of Purpose, Measurement and Development of People.

The Conservative Organisational DNA

These organisations find their DNA holding them back in numerous areas but great things happen when they tackle their enemies within. It’s important to begin by eliminating enemies that have the greatest strangle hold. A gap analysis using our Competitive Threat Matrix will help identify which DNA levers to be pulled first.

The Wounded Organisational DNA

These organisations are misfiring at most if not all organisational DNA levels. Strategic projects and innovations frequently fail to land and the customer experience can be woeful. A drastic and dramatic enemy within elimination programme is required to set the organisation back on a healthily evolutionary route.
Which Organisational DNA profile best represents your company? Complete the questionnaire to find out or contact the team at TomorrowToday Global.
There are nine key areas of corporate DNA that influence organizational DNA, within each area we find thing, stuff, clutter that hold organisations back:

  1. Purpose
  2. People
  3. Physical Environment
  4. Decisions
  5. Structures
  6. Processes
  7. Measurement
  8. Development of people
  9. Motivators

Corporate DNA works just like biological DNA and as you evolve to master a changing world there are things you need to keep, things you need to discard and things you need to create. It may sound overly simplistic, but seeing the world through this lens actually does make sense. The trick, of course, is knowing what to do within each of the nine factors identified above.
The Enemy Within is an organisational model that can help you create a framework of understanding around what needs to change and what needs to be kept in order to be successful in a changing world.
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