You may have seen the first video in our Future Fit Video Series (Leadership lessons for Adaptive Leaders). I’ve just uploaded the 17th video in the series for your viewing.
The greatest fear in change. It’s a quick 2.36min video, but Keith manages to gives the viewer something to both think about, and a practical exercise to help process the learning.

Our Future Fit video series is a great tool for leaders and their teams that gives both the thought process and the practical exercises to get your team and leaders leading for the new world of work.
It can either be delivered digitally on a weekly basis to your teams inboxes, or if you would prefer we can also provide a USB stick for each member of your team for those Boomers in the team!
Cost per person is under £20 and because of the format, participants can learn and practise in their own time, yet can give a team some common conversation pieces Рgreat for your weekly meetings.
Chat to us if you’d like more information, or visit¬† for more information.

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