Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 3.25.14 PMClients regularly ask for tips and tricks on how they can connect with, and influence, Digital Natives. The foundation of this need is that they see a demographic group who see the world so differently to them that they don’t know how to engage them effectively.
My response is to bring the client back to the basic understanding that Digital Natives are still people. They may have a different view of life based on the circumstances within which they grew up, but they are fundamentally still the same human beings we are.
Influence and connection with Digital Natives requires that we not loose sight of the shared nature we enjoy.
Gilan Gork is a fellow speaking professional, and friend. He is a mentalist. Not the same as the stylised presentation delivered in the television series of the same name, but rather a skill set built on a foundation of observation, connection, communication, and influence. See the Wikipedia article on Mentalism to get a bit more information.
Gilan has written a book Persuasion Games where he introduces some of the philosophy and thinking behind mentalism with the aim of assisting readers to be more effective at influencing situations toward a desired outcome.
Gilan is also offering seminars where he personally takes delegates through this thinking.
I believe Gilan’s approach is one of those tips and tricks that will enable leaders, managers, and peers to connect with, and influence, Digital Natives more effectively  – whether as employees, colleagues, or customers.
Gilan heard that I was going to be putting a post together dealing with his book and seminars and made a generous offer to anyone who signs up as a result of reading this post.  Anyone who signs up and enters the promo code GorkVIP will get the following:

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