Ebook FrontToo many organisations think their biggest threats come from outside: from changing markets, conditions and competitors. Actually, the biggest issues most face right now come from inside their own organisations.

Many organisations have outdated DNA and are not ‘future fit’ or ready for the rapidly changing world they now inhabit.
‘An Introduction to The Enemy Within’ offers both strategic and practical insights into what needs to be guarded and what needs to be changed if we are to thrive in the future.
TomorrowToday Global’s research, spanning almost every industry and sector and conducted with our client base across more than 50 countries, has identified nine key factors that contribute to corporate culture and are currently holding organisations hostage.
It is clear that past success counts for very little when it comes to the future we’re facing. The onus now is on agility, nimbleness and the inherent capacity to respond to external disruptions – and internal threats. The challenge is one of translating this awareness into practical mindsets and behaviours within our organisations. ‘The Enemy Within’ helps us understand and meet these challenges.
The nine key areas of corporate DNA that are addressed are:
1. People
2. Physical Environment
3. Motivators
4. Decisions
5. Structures
6. Processes
7. Measurement
8. Development of people
9. Purpose
Use these factors as a checklist to identify potential weaknesses in your corporate culture, and to decide where to focus your attention internally.
There is no such thing as an “ideal” culture, and in fact, most employees have a sense of what needs to be done to improve their own business.

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