Understand what shaped and formed Baby Boomers, Gen X’s and Gen Y’s, and why younger and older people – staff, customers, family and friends – have such different expectations and approaches to life, leadership, work and relationships.
By understanding the impact of different generational value systems, inside and outside your organisation, you can improve customer relationships, the productivity and interactions of your teams, and gain insights that will ensure you get the most out of the people you interact with every day.
This award-winning presentation or workshop, repeatedly requested by CEO’s and event planners around the world, is a multi-media, humour-filled exploration of the different generations: how value systems are developed and how these influence attitudes and behaviours.
Apply the insights immediately and change your company forever. The presentation or workshop helps participants understand why people older and younger than themselves have different value systems, and how a generation gap influences attitudes and behaviours. It concludes with practical applications suitable for the audience – this includes how to attract, retain and engage employees, how to connect with valued customers and service clients, across the generations.

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