Generation Y (Millennials) have grown up in a world very different to that of older generations. Globalisation has shrunk the planet. Technology is endemic and everything is expected to be enabled by it. The Internet has revolutionised not only the way Millennials access information, but the way they buy and sell, the way they socialise, and even the way they meet partners (in life and business).
This session introduces this younger generation, explaining how they see their world, what their view of “normal” is and how that influences the way they live and work. It provides tools and insights that will assist with effective integration and understanding of this new group.
They have grown up in a world where EVERYTHING has a technology side to it. Consequently, technology is the ‘norm’ for them. They don’t need manuals or lessons on how to use technology – they just know how to use it intuitively. This session also considers the reality that these Digital Natives live in a world shared with those who are less digital savvy than they are, and the impact of this.
Millennials Today” takes you into the world and mind of Generation Y (Millennials). It helps you understand how they came to be the way they are, what you need to consider if you want to connect with them effectively, and it germinates strategic thoughts you need to consider, if you are to maximise the opportunity that this new wallet brings.

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