the-future-of-work-titleNew technologies, institutional and regulatory changes, demographic shifts and other deeply disruptive forces are all combining to change the world around us in dramatic ways. We’re living through an era of history change, and the world of work is going to be affected more than any other part of our lives.

This presentation or workshop looks at the key forces of disruptive change that are shaping the world at the moment, and then focuses the spotlight on the implications for the world of work over the next decade.  It’s a broad ranging investigation that has important and immediate implications for every business everywhere.  From talent acquisition to team management, from dealing with the “silver foxes” to “digital natives” (and putting both in the same team), from an on demand workforce to automation algorithms, from globalisation to new methods of training, every part of your organisation will be affected by the forces currently changing the world of work.

Get ahead of the curve – and your competitors – by engaging with tomorrow’s world of work today.

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