CLIENT: A leading German car manufacturer


  • Retaining talented staff, with a focus on chartered accountants.
  • Generational team conflict.
  • Misalignment between the product brand, and the employee brand experience.


  • Generational talent audit was used to identify problem areas.
  • Worked with teams in workshops, to challenge the generational conflict and create generational empathy.
  • Worked with young talent, to help them learn what “being talented meant”.
  • Worked with older talent, to assist them in leaving a legacy, and understanding the importance of mentoring younger talent.
  • Aligned the employee experience with the consumer brand, by identifying what each generation wanted from the brand.


  • Attrition rate reduced to a single figure.
  • Staff satisfaction improved.
  • Improved team work and productivity, resulting in the unit outperforming KPI targets.
  • Staff received significant bonuses.
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