Two years ago, China set itself the target of becoming the world’s leading consumer and producer or solar, wave and wind power. They have already achieved this target. In an authoritarian system, when a decision gets made, it also gets done. When good decisions are made, this is awesome. And China is going green.

This should be no surprise. They’ve spent half a century industrialising, and bringing half a billion out of poverty. Now they need to deliver quality of life to these people, and this is going to mean becoming greener. They also have a Confucian mindset, which balances the ying and yang of life and nature. They were never going to be satisfied with the current levels of pollution in their country. And now they’re starting to make changes.

Watch this video, and ask yourself: what are the potential disruptors and global implications for my business of China taking a lead in the environmental space? This is important.

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