Success in business depends on predictions and your understanding of the forces shaping your changing world. You and your team can learn the secrets of futurists, and apply these skills to your every day work, in this series of 15 videos led by acclaimed futurist, Graeme Codrington.

Go “behind the scenes” of the work and insights of a futurist. This series of short videos will introduce you to the seven key steps required to scan the horizon and respond to change in your industry and company’s marketplace.  You’ll be given some very practical ideas that will show you how to spot the trends, cycles, patterns and systems that will impact you in the near future.

The series introduces you to the value of watching the future, especially in a world characterised by change and uncertainty. You’ll finish it inspired to spend just a little bit of time every day lifting your eyes from your day to day activities, and watching the horizon of your work and career. And by doing so, you’ll feel more confident to face the turbulence of the times we live in.

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