Future Proof your ChildGraeme Codrington and Nikki Bush, Penguin, 2019

Mommy, Daddy, what should I be when I grow up?’ This is the question every child asks when they begin to develop a sense of the future, and it’s never been harder for parents to answer it than now. This century is characterised by disruptive change that is turning our world upside down. Jobs aren’t just changing, but whole industries are ceasing to exist. The scripts for success and failure are being rewritten on a daily basis in our families, at work and in life.

Do parents know who and what their children need to be, let alone what they might be able to do, in the future world of work?

This book doesn’t just paint a picture of what the future might hold, but provides frameworks and practical advice for what parents can do today in order to build solid foundations for their children to maximise their chances of success. Children who are equipped with the right skill sets, attitudes and world views will remain relevant and able to take advantage of future opportunities. Aimed primarily at anyone involved in raising children from birth to age 12, including grandparents, educators, support teams and extended family, it is also an insightful handbook for those with teens.

Future-proof Your Child for the 2020s and Beyond® is an invaluable guide for parents who wish to create realistic and relevant parenting goals that will set their children up to thrive, no matter what awaits them in the future.

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