As TomorrowToday we have the privilege to both design and participate in Leadership Development Programmes (LDPs) throughout the world. We work internationally with some of fineness business schools and blue-chip multi-nationals in this arena. We have seen a great deal: some of it excellent, a lot of it very poor. It is an area of significant spend for the client and there is a real need to get a worthwhile return on investment on your LDP.

Based on our observations and participation, here are six things, shared as a series, that you need to consider when it comes to designing or looking for a strategic partner in the delivery of your LDP:

Ladder into sky# 6: To lead others, you must first lead yourself

You lead ‘out of who you are’. Understanding and tackling this work should be the heart of your leadership development process. There has been too much teaching leaders ‘to do’ and not enough focus and intent on ‘who they are’. There has been too much focus on the skill-set leaders require and not enough emphasis on the leader’s character. Being fit to lead is hard work and although the character ethic has been much written about in leadership literature, it is yet to find a meaningful way into leadership programmes. This is partly due to it being seen as a ‘programme’ and not a ‘process’ as well as the way in which our current programmes are measured. Both contribute to this much needed but much neglected emphasis.

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