smart medThe people we work with and work for are undergoing a significant development at the moment. Smartphones, the internet, ubiquitous connectivity and an “always on” world are changing the way we connect, communicate and engage with each other. Businesses experience this shift to a smart world as they interact with both customers and staff.

The dangers of not adapting as our people adapt are simple: you lose them. Staff become disengaged, and customers go elsewhere. SMART people living in a SMART world demand that organisations are SMART too.

Using the TomorrowToday team’s vast international experience, we highlight fascinating examples of disruption and point out the ways in which your own industry might be affected by SMART people.  This session highlights major mindset shifts required from leaders and their teams if they wish to engage SMART people in this rapidly changing world.

To help your team really grasp the implications of these changes, and provide a practical framework for further discussions and actions, we talk about being SMART:

  • Social – social media is more than just online status updates and cat videos. It’s a whole new way of thinking and being, and business needs to embrace this new integrated, interconnected digital ecosystem. It’s about social business, not social media.
  • Mobile – How to make the most of an apps-driven world that connects to the only thing that is less than an arms length away from everyone at all times: their smartphones.
  • Analytics driven – Big data will ultimately ensure that everyone can know everything. What will your business model look like in that world, and how can you prepare for it now? How it can help you to engage and develop both your workforce and your customer base.
  • Real-time – A tech-infused world is always on, and responsiveness is essential. What does that mean for you and your staff?
  • Tech-enabled – the Internet of Things is bringing smart devices into every aspect of our lives. This is the next Industrial Revolution, and the implications for your business will astound you.

Dealing with SMART people in SMART ways in the changing world, as customers and staff in our workplaces provides a serious challenge for leaders everywhere.  This session presents a framework for changing attitudes and actions that will make a significant difference in any organisation.

We are able to customise our content to connect with any specific programmes or initiatives you are driving in your organisation right now, and can link into your strategies and objectives.

This programme is also often combined with Tomorrow’s World Today as a workshop.  We have an 18-part video series that does just this, and supports your team’s understanding and application of the lessons learned.


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