TIDES of ChangeThere are 5 key forces that are shaping the world of work today, and causing disruptive change in every industry and sector. These forces are signaling an era-defining moment in history, where the rules for success and failure are being rewritten in every part of our lives.

In this video series, futurist and strategy consultant, Dr Graeme Codrington, outlines these five disruptive forces, providing examples and insights to show you how they will impact your organization. He provides a framework for what your team should be doing now to prepare for and respond to a new world of work. This is essential thinking for every leader and manager who is trying to think ahead, plan their strategy and get their team focused on the challenges that lie ahead.

We are living during a time of deep change, when the rules for success and failure are being rewritten in every part of society. At least five key disruptive forces are significantly reshaping the world of work. We are not ever going to “get back to normal” – a new normal is emerging for everyone, everywhere. The five forces are: Technology, Institutional Change, Demography, Environment and Ethics, Shifting Social Values.

This video series has been designed to be used by a team and so a minimum of 10 licences will need to be purchased, with additional licenses purchased for teams greater than 10 members.

The series consists of 5 Videos with a total duration of 77 minutes.

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