Raymond de Villiers is TomorrowToday’s Gen Y guru. He works hard to understand today’s young people, and then make sense of them for you and me and our businesses. He’s packaged some of his insights into short “thought bullet” videos that I am sure will be valuable to you. Here are a few of my favourites (if you can’t see the videos embedded, just click the titles for a link to YouTube):

Meet Gen Y, and the two key forces that have shaped their world, and them:

Here’s a slightly longer extract of an hour long talk Raymond did recently on generations, in which he introduced Gen Y:

My favourite label for this generation actually helps to make sense of them: Digital Natives:

These young people are about to hit a “Quarter Life Crisis“. It’s vitally important to understand this if you want to understand them:

Finally, here’s something practical about Gen Y and rules:

If you’d like Raymond to speak to your team about Gen Y, please contact us for booking information. Raymond works internationally, and is based in Cape Town.

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