library1As part of our commitment to the development of the next generation, TomorrowToday launched its Foundation last year.  The Foundation raises funds (from our team, our clients and friends, and a percentage of our profits each year), and allocates these to worthy education, healthcare and community programmes across South Africa.  The Foundation also aims to build an endowment that will be able to fund projects in perpetuity.

Over the past year, the Foundation has made a good start in fund raising efforts, and recently we were able to provide a grant to Iphutheng Primary School in the Alexander township outside of Johannesburg.  The principal of this school, Mike Thobajane is a hard working visionary with a real passion to help the children of this impoverished area of Africa’s “City of Gold” to get a good basic education and a great start to their lives.  He has worked hard to raise the standards of teaching and parental involvement in the school, and the results are tangible.  Pass rates are increasing, results in standardised, national tests are studentsimproving, and the general mood of the school is remarkably positive.

As part of the development of the school, Mr Thobajane had a dream of building a library.  Rotary were able to sponsor and supply three container crates that were welded together and mounted on a permanent foundation.  The inside was hollowed out and lined, creating a spacious room for a library.  TomorrowToday Foundation funded the interior of the library, including shelving, desks and chairs, a computer and library software and the covering of books.  We plan to further provide an airconditioning and heating system, as the container gets very hot in the summer and freezing on cold winter days.

Graeme Codrington was invited to represent TomorrowToday at the official opening of the library on 13 June.  It was a wonderful occasion, with the children of the school providing poems, songs and dance that they composed especially for the occasion – all on the theme of the importance of reading.  It was a joyous event.  Photos in this post of the library, the children and the opening ceremony.

openingThank you for your support of TomorrowToday, and through that your support of the Foundation and Iphutheng Primary School.

The Foundation accepts direct donations from all individuals and organisations, and is able to provide tax certificates for South African citizens.

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