IMG_9427Our colleague and co-founder of TomorrowToday, Dr Graeme Codrington, has recently been included on two lists of business experts worth following. Switch & Shift named him amongst their “Top 75 List of Human Business Champions“. Global Workforce Transformation included him in “24 Future of Work Experts” that you should know about in 2014. Both are impressive lists and we’re extremely proud to see Graeme’s work included.

GWT said this: “We all know that workplace and the constituents that make it, are changing. To understand and be ready for this change organizations need thought leaders, thinkers, writers and doers, to help them understand and navigate through it.

To get you started, we have created a list of important voices who understand “future of work” and have been sharing their thoughts about it for a while now. These experts are the ones you should listen to if you really want to understand how “future of work” is going to look like.

You can read the full article here. See Switch & Shift’s full list here.

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