future primalWhat Keith is  currently reading

‘Future Primal – how our wilderness origins show us the way forward’ by Louis G. Herman

His thoughts on the book?

A ‘game-changer’. I think this book will become one of the most significant books I have ever read. Herman’s breadth of knowledge is awe-inspiring. It makes me hesitant to ever attempt another book! It is a unique contribution to our collective story and given that he is a South African, of Jewish decent, living in Hawaii there are several parallels that were of immediate interest to me. I met him in Hawaii (before reading his book) and I can assure you that setting up time with him on my next trip to Hawaii is a priority. It will be somewhat intimidating that is for sure but I do what to have a conversation with him having read his book!

To be recommended – and if so, who should read this book?

Well, it isn’t what I would call a ‘light-read’. A couple of pages read and you will want to pause to reflect and think a bit – it is that kind of book. It draws on philosophy, history, anthropology, economics, psychology and I could go on but anyone who loves this type of deep meta-narrative, will relish this read.

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