At TomorrowToday, we’re big fans of 3d printing technology. We’ve been speaking about it for more than 5 years now. I actually have a 3d printer at home, and as a team we write about the implications of 3d printing regularly (see a review of home 3d printing options, a video of mine in action or the latest post from my colleague, Dean van Leeuwen just a few weeks ago).

Even so, I still have the capacity to be surprised by how this technology can be used. Today, a friend sent me an article about how a man who had been involved in a bad motorcycle accident has had his face reconstructed using 3d printing technology. This includes bone, titanium implants and some soft tissue. It’s unbelievable – read the article here for more information.

3d print face

How will 3d printing impact your business? And your life?

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