7 things you need to know about being a bossKeith recently wrote an article for HR Pulse where he shares with the readers 7 points that anyone assuming the new responsibility of ‘being the boss’ should be aware of. The following are the seven points he speaks to, and of course the wisdom he shares for each point can be found in the full article over at HR Pulse

* Although probably never referring to himself as such, Keith is my ‘boss’, and I can confidently confirm, and respect, that the points below are not just ‘theory’, but rather what he himself and the leadership team at TomorrowToday practise. (Even babysitting my two kids (3 and 1 years old) all by himself last weekend with true class – all part of being a great boss!)

  1. Before you start, stop… and think
  2. It isn’t the end but rather only the beginning
  3. It is not about you; it’s about your people
  4. What you do is more important than what you say
  5. You work for them, not the other way around
  6. Relationship, relationship, relationship
  7. ‘Boss’ is the last title to use

Enjoy the read and good luck with the journey of being a great boss!

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