Our team at TomorrowToday often presents on future trends and the disruptive forces shaping the world. Our content comes from our ongoing research and analysis, backed up by a full-time research team spread across the world. It’s easy then for some participants in our sessions to think that looking at future trends and trying to work out the potential impact on their own businesses and functions is something best left to professionals with lots of spare time. Not so.

Strategic thinking needs to happen at all levels of every organisation. Here’s my colleague, Keith Coats talking briefly about just that:

There are many ways in which everyone and anyone can track trends and look at the horizon of their industry. One way is to simply make a decision about which trends to track: this fires up the recticular activating system of your brain. Now all you need to do is feed your mind with appropriate data and wait for it to do the magic of connecting the dots. But where do you find that “appropriate data”.

If we’re facing significant “novelty” as Keith suggested, then we need to spend a few minutes every day looking at the novelty in the world. Here are some suggested websites to add to your recommended regular reading list to help you do just that:

What other websites would you add to my list as essential reading about future trends for busy business people?

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