Ian Turner, one of Duke CE’s top MD’s and leadership development programme experts gets credit for finding this interesting article and sending it on to me. There are some fascinating thoughts in Deloittes’ predictions for 2014, published in Forbes, as they suggest that this will be an important year for talent, leadership and HR.

Read the full article here.

As they point out, based on a Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends survey they’re just completing, “the top two people issues facing organizations in 2014 are leadership and retention. These are the problems we face in a dynamic, growing global economy…. This year, for the first time in more than five years, employees are in charge. Companies have reduced costs, restructured, rationalized spending, and pushed people to work harder than ever. More than 60% of organizations tell us one of their top is dealing with “the overwhelmed employee. This year the power will shift: high-performing employees will start to exert control.”

Their top ten predictions are:

  1. Talent, skills, and capability needs become global
  2. Integrated capability Development Replaces Training
  3. Redesign of Performance Management Accelerates
  4. Redefine engagement: Focus on Passion and the Holistic Work Environment
  5. Take Talent Mobility and Career Development Seriously
  6. Redesign and Reskill the HR Function
  7. Reinvent and Expand Focus on Talent Acquisition
  8. Continued Explosive Growth in HR Technology and Content Markets
  9. Talent Analytics Comes to Front of the Stage
  10. Innovation Comes to HR. The New Bold, CHRO

Source: Forbes. The full 66 page (!!!) predictions report from Bersin is available here.

They also point out that “while there will still be high levels of unemployment in places, generally people have changed their perspectives. They want work which is meaningful, rewarding, and enjoyable. Top performers will seek out career growth. Mid-level staff will strive for leadership development. And you, as an HR organization, will have to compete, adapt, and innovate to stay ahead.”

What would be your predictions for the year or so ahead? Do you agree with this list?


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