The editor of Booz & Co’s Strategic+Business magazine and blog site selected his favourite business blogs of 2013. I like this list a lot – there’s some really valuable articles here. It’s an eclectic list, but well worth taking some time to read through and share with your team:

Susan Cramm: Retaining Top Talent: Yes, It Really Is All about Them
If you want to retain your high-potential employees, you have to get involved in helping them plan their careers.

Ken Favaro: Is Strategy Fixed or Variable?
Successful strategists understand that their role is to manage a process fraught with contradictions.

Sally Helgesen: The Three Habits of Highly Effective Demotivators
Surefire tips for stamping out morale and making sure you get the least out of your employees.

Nick Hodson and Thom Blischok: What if Clay Christensen Is Right about the Grocery Business (and Amazon Is Wrong)?
The disruptive influences of e-commerce may finally be setting their sights on the grocery industry.

John Jullens: Why Strategy Matters in Emerging Markets After All
The argument that companies in developing regions can succeed through execution alone simply isn’t true.

Art Kleiner: Why We Should Deregulate the Government
To be effective, a government needs the same thing as a business: good management.

Frieda Klotz: What’s My Motivation? A Q&A with E. Tory Higgins
The secret to successful influence is the same as acting: Know where your character is coming from.

Eric McNulty: Let’s Just Stop Calling Them Leaders
Executives, officials, and managers should have to earn the title of “leader,” not just expect to receive it.

David Meer: What Is ‘Big Data,’ Anyway?
A crucial first step in applying analytics is to decode the jargon.

James O’Toole: The Enduring Management Wisdom of Lincoln
Lessons for managers from a manufacturing success story.

Dave Phillips and Phil Coghlan: Why You Should Create Multiple Supply Chains
Manufacturers that take a positive view of product proliferation are better meeting the demands of their customers.

David Silverman: Audits, Auditors, and Those of Us Who Love Them
The most underappreciated of corporate functions deserves its day of praise.

Paul Michelman: The Three Words that Could Save Your Business: Stop, Look, and Listen
The advice we give our children may also be the secret to corporate longevity.

Let me know which you think is the best. And why?

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