FastCompany recently ran an article which is one of the best analyses of the driverless car revolution that is about to take us by storm. It’s well worth reading in detail here.

As the author points out, what stands in the way of a massive revolution now is not the technology. “The issue isn’t the technology. It’s us. The winner of the race to roll out a mass-produced AV is the one who can finally convince us to take our hands off of the wheel.”

The revolution is more than just taking our hands off the wheel though. We’ve talked about this for a few years now at TomorrowToday. We’ll see much more car sharing as cars can be used while their primary owners don’t need them. We’ll see a change in how people use public transport (and this may have a knock on effect to short haul flights and trains). And the logistics/delivery industry will change beyond recognition. The insurance industry will need to adjust, as risks change. And cars themselves can also change by reducing safety features, which will reduce weight and affect fuel consumption dramatically. And, as always, there’s something in it for the lawyers – who is to blame when there is an accident?

How will this revolution affect your industry? Because I am sure it will.

Read the FastCompany article and share it with your team. Contact our team if you’d like any help in thinking through this and other disruptive change coming our way.

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