We are living at a truly remarkable time of history, when new technologies are making unprecedented levels of invention and innovation possible. I think history will look back on this era and remark on it being a golden age of technological advancement. So, each passing it’s probably worth pausing and trying to note what has happened in the preceding twelve months.

Here’s the best list I have found so far, from TIME magazine, of 25 wonderful inventions. But what would you add to this list?

What makes an invention great? Sometimes it solves a problem you didn’t think could be solved. Skyscrapers can’t turn invisible. Pens can’t write in midair. Paraplegics can’t walk. Except now they can. And sometimes an invention solves a problem you didn’t know you had. Maybe you didn’t realize you needed to eat a doughnut and a croissant at the same time, or resurrect an extinct frog, or turn your entire body into a living password. Now you do. Want a list of the best things that were invented in 2013? Now you have one. Just keep reading.

Here’s TIME’s list:

  • The driverless (toy) car
  • Gravity (the movie): Lightbox
  • Alcoholic coffee
  • Sony’s smart lens
  • The cronut
  • The mission R (motorcycle)
  • Plus pool
  • The Oculus Rift (3d headset for immersive gaming)
  • Edible password pill
  • Invisible skyscraper
  • 3Doodler pen
  • Volvo’s solar pavilion
  • Artificial memories
  • The Amplituhedron
  • Nest Protect Smoke Alarm
  • A New Atomic Clock
  • The GravityLight
  • SpaceShip Two
  • The Gastric-Brooding FROG (back from the dead)
  • The Atlas Robot
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