“We write code, play with robots, experiment with tensioned tubes and cables and drink lots of Red Bull,” says Nadia Shouraboura CEO of new start up Hointer a retail store that combines technology and with traditional shopping. It’s the ultimate in high-tech, modern shopping experience – fast and efficient as buying online, but with the added advantage of allowing shoppers to try on and touch the clothing.

Shouraboura used to be Amazon’s VP of global supply chain and technology so she knows a thing or two about what works in today’s instant gratification world of shopping and she is rapidly expanding her new business model and shopping experience having invested $5 million of her own money and another $5 million from friends and family. “We are zooming,” says Shouraboura — with plans to open new stores in Bellevue, San Francisco, Tokyo and Shanghai this is one business model that has the ability to radically transform retail shopping.

Hointer understand that people like to engage in the real world – see, feel, touch, hear and smell the product they want to buy. But they also enjoy the speed and efficiency of the web. Hoinster’s business model is designed to offer the best of both worlds and shows how an innovative business model can merge the digital world with the physical world.

The Hointer Experience

Enter a small but spacious store with only one item of each individual product for sale being displayed. Using your mobile device and Hointer App scan the bar code to view style guides, social media and customer reviews. Once you’ve chosen what you want to try on, a single tap of a button on your smart device has the items of clothing delivered to you in a changing room within 30 seconds via a tension tube. If the item is too big or too small or not the right colour, no worries, toss the unwanted item into a chute and request the new item and again within 30 seconds you are ready to try on the new garment. Find the item you want, just swipe your credit card and walk out – no lines, no waiting.

Watch the video to see how this innovative business operates.


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