Transforming a good leader into a great leader means becoming an adaptive leader. In facing the future, it is the major leadership challenge that you and your organisation will encounter.

Good leaders are hard to come by. Growing good leaders from within is perhaps even harder but the real challenge facing organisations today is not to have merely good leaders but to recognize that great leaders are adaptive leaders. Adaptive leaders embrace change; they welcome disruption for the benefits to be gained; they think and see things differently; they seek to understand and aren’t afraid to ask questions, explore paradox and regard unlearning old things as important as learning new things. Adaptive leaders know how to look both backwards and forwards and manage to do so without bumping into obstacles that block their way.

ladders into the skyIf you want your company to thrive in a world of exponential change then having adaptive leaders is simply not negotiable. Your company’s capacity for change will go a long way in determining whether or not you make it into the future. When it comes to leading into the future we need both mind-shifts as well as a new tool-kit if that is, we are to successfully navigate this new terrain. Adaptive leadership involves both head (mind-shift) and hands (practical skills) – the theory and practice engage in a symbiotic and synchronistic dance.  It promises to be an eventful journey and the only comfort we can take from the journey past, is the fitness gained through having come this far.  The old maps that have guided us to this point will prove unhelpful for what lies ahead.  We will need to decide what to keep, what to discard and what to reorganize from the road traveled; we need to head into the future knowing that it is unlike anything we have encountered to date and it is this reality that makes it both a challenge and an opportunity.

Over the next month we will help you start the journey in transforming your good leaders into adaptive leaders. Through the TomorrowToday app and blog there will be constant reminders that will take less than a minute to read and will have an action point to implement. The ‘thought-bullet’ combined with something practical to do will help grow your leadership practice. It will help ensure that you become future-fit. This process will be a ‘boot camp’ for adaptive leadership delivered in small, digestible bites that could help ensure that you move from being a good leader to an adaptive leader.

So ‘sign-up’ and follow the thoughts and suggestions that are designed to help you become a future-fit leader – an adaptive leader.  You might want to enlist others in your team and office and thereby enjoy the benefits of doing this 30-day ‘boot camp’ together.

So, stay tuned to the TomorrowToday app or blog and grow your leadership practice by becoming an adaptive leader.

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