Graeme presentingOver the past few months I have been collecting video footage of the presentations I have done of our team’s “TIDES of Change” presentation. Based on the research our Strategic Insights team has done over the past few years, we suggest that in addition to politics and economics (which provide the foundational environment for society and business) there are five key forces that are causing deep structural and disruptive change in the world.

We call these the TIDES of Change: Technology, Institutional change, Demographics, Environment and Ethics, and Shifting Social Values. You can read more about this sought after presentation here.

If you’d prefer to see me in action, then here are two video clips for you. The first is a 13 minute summary, delivered to the Agrivision conference in The Netherlands in early 2013:

YouTube link

The second is the conclusion of the presentation, recorded at the Financial Planners International conference in Sandton, South Africa in mid 2013, where I look at implications of the emerging “connection economy” for financial planners and the financial services industry as a whole. This 19 minute video is also applicable to other industries too.

YouTube link

I’d be very interested in your comments on both the TIDES model and the implications for your industry.

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