Public speaking is a vital skill for anyone anywhere to master. I do it professionally – and it’s a privilege to do so. But I do realise how daunting and difficult public speaking can be, and I do what I can to help people develop their speaking ability. It was therefore a real privilege for me when two top rated international speakers asked me to contribute to a book they were writing on the topic.

The result is a new book, released today, “The Exceptional Speaker” by Alan Stevens and Paul du Toit, with contributions from Justin Cohen, Nabil Doss, Terry Brock and myself. It’s a goodie, and I highly recommend it, not just to professional speakers but to anyone who wants to improve their public speaking skills (in other words: everyone!).

Find out more about the book at the website:

Buy it online from or get it on Kindle (Amazon UK). For orders in South Africa or PDF download options, click here.

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