I was alerted to the Digital Trends 2013 website a few days ago. It’s a collaboration between Microsoft, IPG Mediabrands and The Future Laboratory (although the domain name indicates that MS is the dominant partner).

It looks like this might be updated on an ongoing basis, but at time of writing, the trends being highlighted on the site are:

  • Value me – my online identity is a commodity that has value; you need to pay me for my data
  • Creator culture – Chris Anderson’s “Makers”
  • My analytics – using the power of big data analysis to analyse me; especially my health
  • The right to anonymity – privacy is vital
  • IntelligentlyON – when to be “on” and when to “off”
  • Niche networks
  • Enhancing the real – bringing more senses to digital
  • Age of serendipity – find answers to questions we didn’t know to ask; find people we do

Some excellect insights available here. Enjoy the read.

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